Deep End

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"Deep End." This collection offers ten compositions from Grammy Award-winning producer Dylan Graham and Vocalist/ Producer A-G. Immerse yourself in a world of lush vocal harmonies, soulful piano, live bass, smooth Rhodes, violin/ cello arrangements, and tasteful guitar melodies. Explore a rich tapestry of human emotion with huge, multi-layered vocal harmonies. These harmonies are the soul of "Deep End," providing a deep and resonant emotional anchor to your production.

What You Get:

  • 10 samples, each containing vocals, piano, live bass, Rhodes, violin, and guitar elements.
  • Professionally mixed and mastered WAV files for seamless integration into your DAW.
  • BPM and key information for each composition, ensuring effortless integration into your projects.
  • Master clearance is guaranteed 

    * Drum breaks in previews are provided in the "STEM" option.
    * "WAVS" option includes master without drum breaks for ease of use.